We're the production behind audio fiction podcasts EOS10 and Heroics. 

Some quick details

  • We're launching a new section of our website at planetm.io, called GalaxyQ and are looking for pitches for reviews.
  • We pay a market per word rate. We ask for a 6-month exclusive license, and then non-exclusive after that (meaning you can reuse your piece).
  • We pay on acceptance and after we've received an invoice from you. You can sign up for direct deposit or get a mailed check, it's up to you.

Send an email to help@planetm.io if you have any questions. Looking forward to reading your pitches :)

We're looking for pitches for 200 - 300 word reviews for GalaxyQ at planetm.io/galaxyq. All assignments are paid.

  • Under the radar podcasts, albums, movies, graphic novels, apps, etc. -- especially those in the science fiction, fantasy, horror genres -- that you're obsessed with and everyone else should be, too. That podcast or book you can't find anyone else to talk to about? That's perfect for us. The more mainstream the property, the less interested we're likely to be. 
  • Your pitch can be pretty short. Just tell us what you're interested in reviewing, why it caught your attention, and what, so far, you like about it. It's also helpful to tell us when it was first released or other relevant dates, etc.
  • We're only looking for pitches first, please don't submit full reviews. Please: absolutely no pitches for new podcasts, TV shows, films or anything else.
  • Please tell us about any potential conflicts up upfront.time-sensitive
  • We try our best to respond in about two weeks but lately it's been taking more like four to six. Please feel free to submit your query to other outlets, just keep us updated on the status. If something is time-sensitive, let us know in the title of your query.

Thank you!